Monday, 2 July 2012

My First 2 Markets !! So MUch Fun

I owe it all to my Favourite Lucy store in North Vancouver Canada for my inspiration . Well its not the really called that ,but this store has such beautiful vintage furniture & items . THEN I met an amazing Talented wood artist Kristy's , and her husband George from 4 love of wood who  inspired me further . I followed their blog and I was so amazed with all Kristy's creations. PLease check out  her blog at , she is truly amazing & talented . George has an online store that sells unique vintage door pulls and vintage finds . WE spent a wonderful day together last September  painting and learning about this wonderful world of painting .

I enquired about an Vintage market THE OLDE FARMHOUSE Vintage Market in Maple Ridge with Leah & Barb . These ladies are the Kindest & most Supportive people you could meet . And yes I was accepted .PLease check out there website at . I can't wait for the next vintage  market - Hopefully Christmas ( fingers crossed ) . I will update  my blog with all info about this amazing vintage Market.    

I then met my partner in crime Claudine from Condensed Love Home . She did not know what she was getting herself into by agreeing to go thifting with me one day  . PLease check out her blog at She is a talented picker ( she finds the most unique pieces ) ,Wood repurposer ,  home designer and she bakes & bakes and did I say bakes  .Her baking is amazing. 

Well this is what WE have done for the past  2 weekends and what a wonderful world I have just entered into !!

Here is my my Van  packed to the Top - literally . My youngest daughter may have a special talent that I did not know about . She helped pack this van , She kept finding more space when I thought there was no more . Yes, the van door closed !!

The Olde Farmhouse Market  - The Upholsters Wife 

More Upholsters Wife - This Vintage Market was a hug success !!!

My partner in crime Claudine of Condensed Love Home 

At the end of this amazing  Vintage Market - I was reduced to this small amount 

WOO HOO Canada Day at Show us your Craft Artian Market in Abbotsford BC  .
Coralee and her Husband work so very hard to put together this market for Canada Day .
Live music and some amazing food were also available  .

Some more items from the Upholsters Wife 

I purchased this amazing birdhouse from the Rustic Duck please check out her site at . I saw this birdhouse within the first 5 minutes and I knew she had to be mine . Isn't it  just darling !! LOVE  it and the amazing ladies I met yesterday at the Canada Day Market  


Tobey said...

I wish I had of known about this I would have come to check it out. If there are more sales like this in your area can you please let me know. thanks Tobey

Kelley said...

Yes , I will definitely post all up coming Vintage Markets on mY blog . Thanks Kelley