Wednesday 24 October 2012

SEA Breeze Cabinet

THIS  Lovely Little cabinet was given to me by a friend for FREE

Oh How could I be so lucky ?? 

They were not wanting it anymore  :(

New Paint & a new modern drawer Pull !!
 FROM UNwanted to Wanted 

YEAH !! For me 

Last look at this Beauty !!

First Coat of Old White & Duck Egg  ASCP

Just wait for a second coat !!!

She is looking better already !!!

She is beautiful on the inside !!   and outside .

Have you Heard that before!!

Look at those curves !!

Removable  shelf 

New Black & White Drawer pull - SO cute Black button !!

Here she is ready for her new home!


THE Upholsters wife

Saturday 20 October 2012

Happy Fall & Happy Painting !!

Happy Fall Everyone !!!

It was been so long time  since my last Post . School has started again and My Dad is not well and is in Hospital now !

2 large shows this fall & a possible 3rd . 

Some items I have tucked away , need to be  painted Soon !

                                               Now to find the time !! 

A lovely solid wood chair 

Sewing machine table with the Machine removed 

1920's Table 

Lovely Legs 

Odds & Ends in need of a good Sprucing up!!

1920's table 

Simple Yet Elegant !

More Items in need of a facelift!!

Donated by a friend to me to paint !! Cant wait .

Vintage suitcase & Shelf 

AN Old Crate!!!

Spice rack needs an update!!

AND Finally My Sons End table he made in his Carpentry class

Upholsters wife