Friday, 3 August 2012

MOM , I can't believe we are doing Paper Mache is Art 10

AS a wonderful Art Teacher retires at Spring Break , A New Teacher replaces .
"I can't believe we are doing Paper Mache in Art 10, we did that in elementary school" , my daughter
complains in frustration .

Isn't she so sweet , I just had to show you . 

My daughter will be mortified if she sees it  , hopefully she doesn't read blogs !!

There she is posing on a chair !

Her snout ! Oh so sweet !

So many layers , I believe this is the work of an Arts 10 Design students
The concept may be elementary , but the result is not !

The Upholsters Wife 



Jessica.Greve said...

that is cute! I understand the frustration though, completely! But after taking a class like that one, I realize why it's important to go over the basics again ;)

Kelley said...

The new teacher was there for only 3 months . Art 11 will have a better Curriculum For sure ! I still thought she did a great job, and it was very cute !! Have a great weekend , Kelley

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co. said...

Gosh that turned out so cute!

Kelley said...

I think it so cute as well , Mom's are aways so proud of their kids . I am sure I will feature more of her art work this year . She is a very talented artist .She just don't know it yet . Have a great Day , Kelley